ACS Sheffield Goes Abroad: Adain Bailey

Thinking about going abroad as part of your degree? Or not even considered it? Hear what our very own Adain Bailey had to say about why she is studying abroad this year!

“For reasons unbeknownst to me now, back in 6th form I had a strong desire to either be fluent in French or come close to being fluent. From this desire stemmed my reasons for wanting to study abroad. As a result, I embarked on a course with a compulsory year abroad. What better way to develop existing linguistic skills. Since starting university however, this desire to be fluent decreased dramatically. Second year of university, my reasons for wanting to study abroad changed. Aspiring to enter into one of the most competitive professions, I soon realised the importance and value attributed to studying abroad in terms of employment. Whilst the desire to become fluent decreased, I developed a passion for wanting to explore a different culture to the ones I’m familiar with and so I decided to travel to Luxembourg to study a Master en droit Européen for a year. Furthermore, this year abroad will be a fantastic opportunity for personal development. What better way to increase your personal growth than by going to a foreign country to study! So far I’ve heard no negative reviews from those that have embarked on a year abroad and I’ve heard plenty of regrets from those you did not even consider the option. Many students have expressed that it is the most fun, exciting, challenging and life-changing experience of their student life. Although I am only about to start my year abroad, I would urge any and every one possible to consider this opportunity. There is so much more to the world than we know now and the only way to find out is to explore!”

Author: Adain Bailey (ACS Sheffield Events Officer 2015/16)


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