ACS Sheffield Alumni: Taking the next step.

Q & A with Marc Eyram Agagah (ACS Sheffield President 2013/14)

What did you study?

Aerospace Engineering

How would you describe your experience at the University of Sheffield?

Interesting. Living in another part of the country changes your perspective on things and opens your mind.

What was it like being an ACS president?

Painful! Yet rewarding. One of the most difficult and challenging tasks I have ever had. It definitely accelerated my mental growth and maturity.

What is the significance of the ACS to you?

ACS is extremely important and beneficial when utilized in the right way. The network that it can give you access to is invaluable.

What would be your advice to freshers coming into the ACS?

Make every use of the opportunities available to you. ACS has the potential to impact and change your life the way no other society can; even more so than academic societies. Take it seriously and you will see results instantly.

What would you like to see change in the future with the ACS?

As is a challenge with ACSs up and down the country, social inclusion needs to improve. ACS is not just for West Africans and the increased diversity in the committee this year is a step in the right direction.

What are your future career prospects?

I intend to pursue music as it’s what I am most passionate about.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Playing drums for Robert Glasper.

Apart from academia what other way has the University of Sheffield and the ACS affected  you?

I learned a lot socially about behavioural tendencies and group dynamics. It also made me become a more confident and outspoken person.




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