1. “Make effort with your course mates at the beginning of the year with all the socials, otherwise you just fall into the habit of walking into your lectures, talking to no one, then just walking out, lol.”
  2. “I wish I’d not been so naïve in first year. I thought I knew myself well enough to not be taken advantage of but after learning lot of things, I became more confident and unwilling to be so trusting of everyone.”
  3. “When it comes to books, try looking for used ones first or check the library before you fork out half your student loan on new ones!”
  4. “Excuses end here. This is the time of your life, and so you have to take the opportunity you have been given with both hands.”
  5. “That my accommodation was a trek from uni!”
  6. “Look for bursaries and apply to as many as you can. Most people don’t know about them, you have to search for them.”
  7. “University is basically another word for opportunity which sounds cheesy but I’ve had the best experiences at Uni because I got up and got involved.”
  8. “When your loan appears in your bank account: don’t spend it all at once, student life is bare expensive!”
  9. “I wouldn’t have gone for university accommodation if I knew how cheap others (private) were.”
  10. “The way they mark work and give feedback is different to the way they do back in school- DO NOT get stressed out and doubt yourself, you can do it!”
  11. “How to manage my finances better.”
  12. “Cannot stress enough how important it is to ask for help.”
  13. “I’d say that you shouldn’t rush into getting accommodation for second year, you may meet the perfect friends to live with later on in the year.”
  14. “I wish I knew how much free time I’d have and prepared myself for making the most of it rather than sleeping all the time!”
  15. “There is literally a society for everything and anything, don’t feel like you won’t find anything. Also, join as many as you can, you can make some really great friends that way.”
  16. “You must know how to cook- otherwise you will end up both broke and fat!”
  17. “I wish I’d told myself before I started uni that it’s important to always stay true to yourself, your character and just who you are as a person.”
  18. “Sleep is a myth at uni.”
  19. “I tended to worry a lot in first year so I’d say just be calm and trust in the Lord. Everything tends to work out in the end.”
  20. “Do not try to read the entire reading list given, this is not only time-consuming but becomes pretty repetitive after the fourth book! Be selective with what you read.”
  21. “Ummm, I wish someone told me that first year is just as hard, and that just because attendance to lectures isn’t mandatory doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go.”
  22. “Not everyone is your friend- you have to remember that.”
  23. “I honestly wish I knew how expensive food shopping was tbh, it was a struggle for me to do my weekly shopping/budgets and all that.”
  24. “I wish I knew the different churches around.”
  25. “Make good use of your spare time to actually read and research, don’t leave it all till last minute like I did!”
  26. “First impressions are important but they aren’t always a deciding factor. The friends you make in freshers week and near the beginning of uni may not be your closest friends later on…I wished I realized that beforehand.”
  27. “That it’s important to utilize student deals, for example, Railcard, NUS card and Unidays.”
  28. “I wish I understood how to save and stretch money more before uni, even though I had some idea of it.”
  29. “Everyone is not obligated to hear you state your case, so you have to prove that you are worth their time. Yeah, learnt that the hard way. People here have heard everything under the sun before so you have to show them that you’re worth their time.”
  30. “I wish I knew the value of internships and placements ahead of time so that I would have applied for some earlier and not waited till second year.”


University Returners

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