Welcome to the ACS Sheffield Blog!

Greetings from the 2016/2017 African-Caribbean Society Committee!

Firstly, we would like to thank the 2015/2016 Committee for their hard work and commitment to the Society; we are honored to hold the positions we do and aim to take this Society to even greater heights. We would also like to congratulate all our graduates and thank you for being part of us. We welcome all freshmen and Erasmus students to the University and Society and cheer on continuing students. The African-Caribbean Society invites you all to be part of it.

This year, we are re-branding and re-launching the Society. Our goal as the Committee is to grow a diverse and culturally aware membership, have a greater social conscience and strengthen our sense of community and family as a Society. This website is launched in this spirit; it is to function as a platform to create and contribute to conversation on important and ongoing topics as well as publicise and announce upcoming events. It is also a medium for our brand development as the African-Caribbean Society of Sheffield.

The upcoming year is packed with new and continuing events, activities and ideas and invite you to join us whether by partnering or participating. We are excited for the upcoming academic year and look forward to growing and experiencing the diverse African and Caribbean cultures with you all.

Follow us on our other social media [links at the bottom]. We hope you enjoy this website.

-2016/17 Committee.

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